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15 Oct 2021 ~ 2 min read

It Could Even Be a Boat

Sailboat being shipped overland

Paper is still the best part of UX design.

In particular, working out a UX design idea using paper prototypes. Taking a raw wireframed idea and turning it into something you can touch, manipulate, or crush and start over. The paper version forces you to think about how real people will use it in the real world. Up until that prototype becomes an actual product, it could be anything!

It could even be a boat!

This is the part of UX design I love — the squishy ideation stuff that gets molded and chiseled with each decision. It’s the place where all possibility exists until it is reduced to a final solution that can be applied to something a human can use and hopefully enjoy!

This is probably why I’m into a lot of different things — public speaking, applications, podcasts, action figures, audio dramas, rucking, coffee, mountain biking, RV living, travel, writing, sci-fi movies, teaching — it’s a crazy list. But it’s a list that keeps me curious, always learning, and finding new opportunities to play with the process.

Playing with potential.

The elements of user experience design have always been my jam. I’m not surprised when my curiosity is at its peak when deep into the squishy ideation stuff. That’s where I live. I live in the space before you get to enjoy version 1.0.

I didn’t know it had a name but I do know what it feels like to look back at you from that place between finding the WHY and the WHAT.

Can you see me there? Because I can see you.

Howdy! Now, go get me some paper and we’ll get started. This idea could be anything.

It could even be a boat!

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