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Greetings! I am Kyle M. Bondo and I am a Podcast Media Producer and Startup Co-Founder dedicated to simplifying the complicated world of Software-as-a-Service. I fall in love with wicked problems and enjoy bringing solutions that help remove the barriers between development and operations teams. I like to think that I’m part of the software pit crew that is continuously overseeing the reliability of a product while it’s going 100mph. Together, these skills turn me into a product evangelist that can keep teams aligned, optimistic, and practical.

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Podwrecked PodcastMy most recent podcast production is Podwrecked. Podwrecked is a podcast that focuses on making podcasting easier for new podcasters. This show is co-hosted by me and Tim Brien and features may of the lessons we have both learned from years of podcasting. Learn more, listen, and subscribe at

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I love leading the collaborative efforts that take on wicked problems and solve complex puzzles. My missing link thinking allows me to live in the future and then build what’s missing. Here are some of my recent musings.

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Creative Strategy

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