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Your weird makes you memorable

The secret to becoming memorable to your podcast audience is to embrace your inner weirdo and enjoy the fact that there is only one you in podcasting.

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Many podcasters were weird kids like me with an assortment of bullies in school and beyond.

To escape the constant harassment, I started playing Dungeons & Dragons at 13-years-old. Along with playing D&D, I made new friends — friends who were weird like me.

Fast forward a few decades and I recently had the chance to play D&D with my youngest and her friends, and during the game, it dawned on me how much podcasting is like playing D&D.

How is that you say?

#1 – Preparation
First, it requires you to prepare. Either as a player or the dungeon master, you have to get your stuff together to take part in the game. Podcasting requires a lot of preparation, and the preparation usually demands a level of creativity too.

#2 – Participation
Next, it requires you to show up. With the advancement of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (say that ten times fast), people don’t hang out using with mostly “analog” tools like paper and pencils. When you disconnect from the Internet for a minute and engage with real people, you learn things about them you would have never learned online. Podcasting is the path back to real engagement. But if you never show up, you never get to learn how cool real people can be.

#3 – Imagination
Finally, it requires you to be your weird self. To play a made-up character or tell a story about a fictional land, you have to pull from that deep well of your imagination and share it with other people.

Podcasting is no different.

The thing that listeners love about you is what makes you weird. It is the things you do that NOBODY ELSE DOES! It could be anything from the way you say “melt” to how you sing along with your own theme music WHILE IT’S PLAYING!

Embrace your inner weirdo

There is a secret to becoming memorable and that is to embrace your inner weirdo. Your weird is unique to you because there will only be one you out of a sea of billions.

Use it to your advantage!

Try new things, be silly, be serious, and above all make your time on the microphone enjoyable. I found my weird while playing a table-top role-playing game at an early age. A lot of it has to do with — as my high-school friends will attest — caffeine induce character voices and sound effects. I can do that sounds from a medieval sword fight to a Jedi versus Sith saber duel with just mouth sounds.

Yeah, THAT kind of weird!

Maybe it’s time you find your weird too because I promise you that your weird — when used in your podcast — WILL make you memorable!

Now go record something!

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Last modified: August 30, 2019