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NaPoWriMo21 Day 09: Lone Star Movers

A poem about all the things I need to do when it comes to moving my family from Virginia to Texas during a pandemic.

NaPoWriMo21 Day 9 - Lone Star Movers

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt challenged me to create a poem based on a unique To-Do list. The poem I wrote is about all the things I need to do when it comes to moving my family from Virginia to Texas during a pandemic.

Lone Star Movers

Check current house value
Check current mortgage owned
Talk to a realtor
Talk to the bank
List of house fixes
List of credit fixes
Know our price range
Will it be enough?

Visit Texas
Check out crime rates
Research neighbors
Check house prices
Learn traffic patterns
Understand distances
Create a top 10
Talk to a new realtor
Talk to a new bank
Why is everything so flat?

Transfer current job options
Understand new job options
Search jobs in the area
Apply to several jobs
Nail the Interview
Ask about relocation assistance
Accept 100-percent remote work
Receive an offer
Accept an offer
Pick a start date
Is this starting over?

Conduct home inventory
Hold moving sale
Donate extra stuff
Start packing
Work our house fix-it list
Place house on the market
Show the house
Receive offers
Pick the best offers
Will someone want it?

Return to Texas
Talk to new relator
Decide on price range
Decide on neighborhood
Look for a new home
Find a new home
Talk to the new bank
Receive an approval
Place a contingency offer
Do we now own two houses?

Return to Virginia
Sell the Virginia house
Pick a move out date
Notify utilities
Cancel subscriptions
Close the Virginia mortgage
No turning back now!

Return to Texas
Finalize Texas house offer
Pick a move-in date
Sign the papers
Start a Texas mortgage
Get the keys
Find new utilities
Transfer services
This is the future!

Return to Virginia
Set moving budget
Call the movers
Finish packing
Load the truck
Closeout the house
Forward the mail
Tell Virginia goodbye!

Drive the car to Texas
Unload the moving truck
Unpack the house
Sleep in new home
Cook first meal
Start new job
We did it!

Become Grandparents.
This was the point.

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Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash