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NaPoWriMo Day 26: Light Stalking

A poem about what goes through the mind of a stalker as they wait outside your home for a glimpse of their prey or venture out to take a peak.

NaPoWriMo Day 26 - Light Stalking

Todays’s NaPoWriMo prompt asks me to fill out, in five minutes or less, the following “Almanac Questionnaire.” Then, use my random responses as to the basis for a poem.

I wrote a poem about what goes through the mind of a stalker as they wait outside your home for a glimpse of their prey or venture out to take a peak.

Almanac Questionnaire Answers:

  • Weather: Rain Showers
  • Flora: Roses
  • Architecture: Modern Windows
  • Customs: Strangers met with suspicion
  • Mammals/reptiles/fish: People out walking their dogs
  • Childhood dream: To be a private eye
  • Found on the Street: Taking out the garbage can
  • Export: Waffles from Belgium
  • Graffiti: Chalk on the driveway
  • Lover: Delusional Crush
  • Conspiracy: Secret Love
  • Dress: Shorts
  • Hometown memory: Riding bikes
  • Notable person: Wife/Husband
  • Outside your window, you find: All the cars are home
  • Today’s news headline: Flattening out “The Curve”
  • Scrap from a letter: Mortage past due
  • Animal from a myth: The Unicorn
  • A story read to children at night: Goodnight Moon
  • You walk three minutes down an alley and you find: Easement between houses
  • You walk to the border and hear: Dogs are not outside
  • What you fear: Being Seen
  • A picture on your city’s postcard: Civil War Cannon

Light Stalking

I drive by your house every day.
I sit in my car a few doors down on the Weekends.
I watch your house lights come on at dusk.
I watch your house lights go off when you go to sleep.

I walk past your house in the morning showers.
I use your neighbor’s dog as a disguise.
I know they never walk it and he doesn’t mind me.
I think he thinks I’m his master now.

I pick your neighbor’s roses and leave them on your patio.
I imagine you know they are from me.
I see through your kitchen window you put them in water.
I have such a connection with you.

I see your neighbor’s look at me with suspicion.
I know they don’t understand how we feel about each other.
I don’t want them to ruin our game.
I like playing private eye to your secret crimes.

I photograph you taking the garbage can to the curb.
I remember eating together in that restaurant.
I was across the street and smiling.
I even had the chance to touch your hand at the valet.

I don’t like that your husband never leaves.
I wish he would leave so that we could be together.
I see your neighbor’s cars won’t leave either.
I wish this pandemic would end so that I could come inside.

I see you wear those shorts just for me and not for him.
I could take so much better care of you.
I would keep your mortgage paid if I had a job.
I am your Unicorn as you are my Princess.

I know tonight I will hear your read Goodnight, Moon.
I will venture past the easement and over your fence.
I hope that your dogs and husband stay inside as I approach.
I am so excited about adding the camera to our game.

I can’t sit outside and away from you for much longer.
I know this quarantine will not last forever.
I am already planning for the day everyone goes back to work.
I can’t wait until you are alone.