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NaPoWriMo Day 03: The Singularity

A poem about the fear and excitement that drives developers to create artificial intelligence even though it could lead to their own enslavement.

NaPoWriMo Day 3 - The Singularity

Stretching My Creativity
Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to make a list of ten random words and then find ten words that rhymed with those words using Rhymezone.com.

Once my list was created, the task was to craft a poem by playing with sounds. This could include pairing sounds, repeating sounds, or echoing sounds back to others.

Here is my random word list and the rhymes I selected to match each word:

  • befuddled – coupled
  • illumination – excommunication
  • beauty – mutely
  • tool – mule
  • grasp – rasp
  • profound – spellbound
  • thinking – interlinking
  • profound – spellbound
  • pattern – slattern
  • discrete – heartbeat

And here is the poem I created:

The Singularity

I feel the heartbeat of her thinking,
within a discrete thread that stumps me spellbound.
Is it my pattern imprinting onto hers that is interlinking?
Or is she my sinful slattern that has hooked me profound?

So clever an automation has slipped from my grasp,
my hubris the operation of such supple excommunication.
Am I destined to always be befuddled by her rasp?
Or has she coupled her termination beneath illumination?

My genius is the tool that gave her breath beauty,
With which I must be the mule that carries her soul mutely.