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NaPoWriMo Day 02: Driveway Moment Pushups

A poem about struggling with how much ideas are like pushups in that the only way to get better at doing them is to just shut up and do them.

NaPoWriMo Day 2 - Driveway Moment Pushups

Driveway Moment Pushups

Facedown in the oily heat of my palace driveway

doing ideas to the drumbeat of a devoted Virginian tarmac

my mental grinder washes and tumbles each thought

as I grunt and strain against the force of gravity’s love

with pattern bubbles and floating schemes rising up

only to pop up against the self-doubt of reasoned objections

then again dive my face to near inspection of black pavement

considering the next flash of inspiration as the royal “One”

that will be the revolution against my habitual hesitation

by releasing the gambler willing to plunge into the fissure

a savage weed gouging out a space to command an audience with the star

surviving in the slimmest space and growing to a king that knows

what a morrow that green idea would catch me if I could merely

stop the watcher whos browbeater calls blackjack on my passions

returning the hustler to propriety and responsible positioning

amidst extended arms that quiver with safely repeated results

of comfort that weighs me down as a consequence to passivity

but promises the next good thing will be the monarch of my mind weeds

so long as the toll is paid by the pavement of yet another endless set

I will continue to hammer against this vertical wall that hides parked dreams

revealing the smallest of cracks as a cradle to my next idea.