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In Search of Monster Sites

Monsters of WordPress is a strategy that uses Monster Site Patterns as a template for building successful WordPress Multisite website networks.

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You’re gonna need a bigger boat because here be the Monsters of WordPress. When I found an interest in the nuances of WordPress Multisites — what I call Monster Sites — I discovered that they are very misunderstood creatures. And I mean creatures in the very literal sense. Monster Sites have a life of their own.

Beyond the knowledge of how to install and configure it, there is little understanding of what purpose WordPress Multisite serves. Often, the way most WordPress developers discover any benefit to a WordPress Multisite installation is when they decide to use it to fake a network of WordPress websites.

However, what they build starts to multiply with one site added here, and two sites add there. What was once a simple WordPress Multisite installation has now become a monster in every way. There are super-admins mixed in with admins, dozens of administration pages, and plugins that both work and fail depending on where they are installed.

Then comes the burden of removing one of the sites from within the tangle of configuration tentacles. Without proper planning or preparation for how to actually use a WordPress Multisite, this monster will become a disaster waiting to happen.

But what if you could prevent a multisite from becoming a monster? What if you could begin your project with a guide to which monster site pattern is the correct patter for your particular project? Monsters of WordPress ™ is that approach to WordPress Multisite.

I see Monsters Everywhere

Monsters of WordPress is a strategy that uses Monster Site Patterns ™ as a template for building successful WordPress Multisite website networks. Each pattern identifies the monster, provides a strategy and helps you keep the beastie on a short chain. It will also provide you with a new understanding of the strategic value of certain Monster Site configurations and why some work and others do not. It includes enough lessons learned to keep your future Monster Site from eating you AND your project. Tame your next Monster Site once and for all with Monsters of WordPress!

Release the Kraken!

Monsters of WordPress is an endeavor that was inspired by a WordPress Talk I gave at the 2015 Asheville WordCamp in North Carolina after struggling to master a WordPress Multisite project the featured multiple languages. It becomes obvious that WordPress IS Multisite with all the Multisite features turned off, but Multisite stops being your garden variety WordPress installation when those monster features are turned on.

Don’t get me wrong, there is great power in using the WordPress Multisite. However, that power can unleash a horde of Monsters that nobody will tell you about until it is too late. I have fought these monsters and returned to tell the tale so that you can now fight them too!

There is something moving in the water…

To help you on your quest to tame the monsters within WordPress Multisite, here are some of my recent articles about WordPress Multisite that can hopefully keep you from being eaten!

Have Harpoons, Will Travel

Have you seen a Monster lurking around your WordPress Multisite project? Tell me about your experience or about how you approached the monster, and how you managed to overcome it. I love Monster Site survival stories. However, If your Monster is just too much to handle, tell me about your problem and I may be able to help you get that beast under control. Signal me your S.O.S. via the Contact Form.

Monster Sightings: Cannot a Beast be Tamed?

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Last modified: June 25, 2021