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Shortcast (n) (SHORT-kast) — A very short, forgettable podcast.

Shortcast (n) (SHORT-kast) -- A very short, forgettable podcast.


Shortcast (n) (SHORT-kast) Play podword pronunciation audio
1. A very short, forgettable podcast.
2. A podcast format designed for people with short attention spans.
3. The length of a podcast ideal for smart speakers, audio curation, and content themes.


There are pros and cons to a short cast. First, the cons. Creating a podcast that is only 3-minutes or less does not work for 90-percent of niches. Podcasting benefits from long-form content, especially when it comes to complex topics. A shortcast is more of a summary of a topic and not good at depth. Some might even call a shortcast podcast a “teaser” designed to spark your curiosity and give you something to thinking about and research later. 

Second, the pros. What’s wrong with a teaser? A shortcast could work for your niche and open your show up to a new audience. Smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Alexa) are ideal for short-format episodes that can be added to audio curated features like Flash Briefings. Anything that can be explained in brief segments (e.g. word definitions, history, news updates, jokes, quotes, facts) can benefit from a shortcast.

New technology designed to curate audio into themes could be perfect for shortcasting. Your audience could enjoy your show in combination with other podcasters talking about similar topics. In a group of “like-minded” shortcasts, your podcast could be pulled along as other shows grow in popularity. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats!

The downside to the shortcast content is the length itself. Creating a podcast episode that is 3-minutes long is difficult. Additionally, the shortcast format needs a daily tempo to remain relevant in your audience’s minds. Short can mean forgettable. Make sure you are committed to the challenges that come with a shortcast before you decide to take it on.


“During my break, I only have time for one or two shortcasts before I have to get back to work.”


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