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Eartime WoD: podfade

Podfade (n) (POD-fad) — To quit your podcast.

Podfade (n) (POD-fade) — To quit your podcast.


Podfade (n) (POD-fad) Play podword pronunciation audio
1. To quit your podcast.
2. The act of putting your podcast on pause for an indefinate amount of time.
3. A podcast series that ends prematurely.


Podcasting has plenty of challenges but the number one challenge to all podcasters is the dreaded podfade. This is when you walk away from your podcast without warning.

There you were, producing your podcast every week like clockwork. Then one day you miss a recording and your show misses a week. No big deal, right? But then you miss another. And then another. Soon you’ve missed an entire month. Before long, you’ve paused your podcast altogether. You had every intention of coming back one day, however, more often than not, that day never comes.

This is the podfade — when you and your show just fade away into obscurity.

How do you avoid podfading? You must first come to the realization that YOU let this happen. You let your podcasting muscles go weak because you didn’t take your podcasting skills to the gym. Like any skill, podcasting can atrophy over time. If you do not podcast, your podcasting skills fade. The longer you leave your microphone off the more difficult it is to regain the discipline to start back up again. Action is the only way to overcome the podfade.

You need to remind yourself that podfading is a journey, not a destination. Only you can decide if your show is worth saving. And sometimes, you have to end a show before a better one can be created.


“I haven’t created a podcast episode in 6-months. My podcast has become a podfade.”
“That podcast was good but it podfaded 6-months ago.”


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