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Podcon (n) (POD-CON) — An annual gathering of podcasters.

Podcon (n) (POD-CON) — An annual gathering of podcasters.


Podcon (n) (POD-CON) Play podword pronunciation audio
1. An annual gathering of podcasters.
2. Any time a group of podcasters get together.
3. A unit of measurement for grouping podcasters.
4. A portmanteau for Podcast Conference.


Nothing improves your podcasting like hanging out with veteran podcasters. But podcasters are a tough lot to find sometimes which is why you need to add a podcon (i.e. Podcast Conference) to your podcasting journey.

You need to learn about the trials and tribulations of other podcasters so that you can use that knowledge to up your game. However, the best part of forcing yourself go to a podcon is the friends you will make that will teach you the best lesson of all: you are not alone!

And you need to know which podcon you should start with? I would highly recommend Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando, Florida.


“My favorite Podcon is Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando.”
“I wish that podcon called DC Podfest would come back.”
“Our meetup turned into a podcon when Dave Jackson showed up.”


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