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Eartime WoD: podcaster

Podcaster (n) (POD-kast-er) — Someone who won’t shut up — now with their own show.

Today's Podword: podcaster


Podcaster (n) (POD-kast-er) Play podword pronunciation audio
1. Someone who won’t shut up — now with their own show
2. Creator of audio content.
3. Audio Experience (AX) designer focused on effective acoustic interaction between the host and the listener.


In many ways, the only way to know how long, grueling, and satisfying a marathon can be, is to actually run it yourself. Only personal experience will help you truly understand the journey a person takes from their first mile to running all 26.3 miles in a single go.

Explaining what happens to a podcaster over the life of their podcast is very similar to trying to explain a marathon to someone who has never run one. Until the podcaster hits the milestone themselves, they will never really know what that experience will mean to the success or failure of their podcast.


“Once I buy a microphone I will be a podcaster.”
“You’ve told that story so many times, you should be a podcaster!”


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