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Podcast (n) (POD-cast) – An idea you turn audio show that nobody listens to.

Today's Podword: podcast


Podcast (n) (POD-cast) Play podword pronunciation audio
1. An idea you turn audio show that nobody listens to.
2. An audio production delivered over the Internet via Real Simple Syndication (RSS).
3. Voice recording using .MP3 file compression that can be downloaded on-demand.


The process of creating a podcast starts out with a question:

What are you an expert in that you are ALSO passionate about?

Podcasting has a lot to do with what you are good at AND what you are passionate about. Find a topic that you are passionate about, that speaks to you and who you are. Make THAT your podcast topic to build your audience around. The end result will be a podcast that lasts through the good times and bad.


“Do you want to hear about my podcast? You can download my podcast here!”


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