About Me

A Short History

The first part of my life was riveting. I was born and raised in the Northwest, learned to code BASIC on an old Texas Instruments TI99/4A when I was 16, joined the US Navy at 19, and learned how to lead sailors into harm’s way.

The part after that was just as fascinating. I took what the US Navy taught me, converted those analytical skills into a user experience (UX) design career, and started building all sorts of websites, mobile applications, outdoor racing events, podcasts, you name it!

Now, THIS part of my life? This is the part where I get to see how UX design can be applied to everything we humans do, use, and enjoy!

This is probably why I’m into a lot of different things — G.I. Joe, public speaking, application development, audio drama direction, poetry, rucking, podcasting, coffee, cloud computing, mountain bike racing — it’s a crazy list. But it’s a list that keeps me curious, always learning, and finding new opportunities to be part of the process.

I’m looking forward to this next part!

UX is my JAM!

I truly love all that squishy ideation stuff that has to happen before you get to Version 1.0. That’s where I live — that place between finding your WHY and prototype hand-offs to developers.

I know I can help you create products that make customers happy. Please reach out to me at GAGGLEPOD [AT] GMAIL [DOT] COM or Direct Message me on Instagram @Gagglepod to get things started.

Let’s do this!

Last modified: June 30, 2021

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