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2013: Potomac Velo Club

Potomac Velo Club (PVC) was founded in 1990’s to promote the sport of cycling, but their website was only promoting their old colors, old layouts, and even pictures of riders that didn’t even belong to the club anymore. As a member of the club, I was asked to update PVC’s online brand with a revitalized logo, incorporation of their redesigned jersey colors, actual web content that was up-to-date, and current photos. The new website was unveiled in conjunction with their 20th Anniversary and the 13th Annual running of their premier event, Wednesday-at-Wakefield (W@W) Mountain Bike Series. The site included a responsive design, a WordPress backend that allowed other members to post content for the first time (and not just a solo webmaster), and connections to social media that included new Facebook and Twitter content.

Potomac Velo Club (potomacvelo.com)