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NaPoWriMo21 Day 03: The Oath

A poem about a chance encounter that finds a horse riding traveler saving a highland prince from disaster on a Highland road.

NaPoWriMo Day 03 - The Oath

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt challenged me to write a poem using a few words from my Personal Universal Deck. I randomly selected the words underway, shire, heirloom, ironclad, and shenanigans. From that, I wrote a poem about a chance encounter where a traveler saves a prince on a Highland road.

The Oath

1 – Underway
I rode alone along a Highland ridge,
My dark escape now underway,
Lo, a fairy crossed my path,
A frightened prince among the Fey.

2 – Shire
Tho, this oblivious sprite did not bolt,
Oh, did I pull to halt my Shire!
Steering heavy hooves of stamping death,
I saved the creature from a fate so dire.

3 – Heirloom
Yeah, the prince did cherish my saving grace,
Pledged fourth his most valued Heirloom,
A ring of sparkling sapphires set in gold,
My reward for staving off the shoes of doom.

4 – Ironclad
Oh, I did accept that royal gift,
Along with his oath so ironclad,
Was I to need his fairy legions,
I had only to whisper into his doodad.

5 – Shenanigans
With the deal struck I wished him farewell,
Leaving this Fey to his own shenanigans.
Tho, his gift did make me wonder,
Would he really do my battling?

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Photo by Gary Ellis on Unsplash