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Podwreck (n) (POD-rek) — A dead show topping a category.

Podwreck (n) (POD-rek) — A dead show topping a category.


Podwreck (n) (POD-rek) Play podword pronunciation audio
1. A dead show topping a category.
2. A podcast that still has an active feed but has not had a new episode in years.
3. Any podcast that is complete mess.


Not all podcasts are created equal and all too often the top podcasts in your space are not good. Bad audio, bad formats, boring hosts, and podfaded shows exist throughout the world of podcasting. These are the podwrecks — the shows that are no longer active but have enough momentum (e.g. total subscriptions, downloads per month) to keep them at the top of the only list that matters — The Apple Podcasts (iTunes) Charts.

The Walking Dead of podcasting is the horde of podwrecks never go away. Either they are hosted by free media storage services or their owners keep paying the hosting fees without creating any new content. They don’t have anything new to say (or never did) and don’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon. They’re not all bad, but most exist to block your way to the top.

Why is it important for you to know which shows in your niche are podwrecks?

Podwrecks are an opportunity for your show to grow beyond their reach. Yes, the graveyard of podwrecks is an obstacle — at first. Your podcast can grow past them with new and relevant content over time. You could eventually supplant their rankings if you decide to do two imporant things: be consistant and don’t quit.


“The podwreck that everyone confuses my podcast for hasn’t had a new episode since 2009.”
“Why are the top 20 podcasts in that niche all podwrecks?”


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