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Eartime WoD: podflash

Podflash (n) (POD-flash) – A show that never starts.


Podflash (n) (POD-flash) Play podword pronunciation audio
1. A show that never starts.


You can’t fix a show you never launch. But what can be worse is a show you launch before you’re ready.

A podflash happens when your excitement to have a podcast overpowers your need to plan it out. In the frenzy to launch you miss the most important steps that include strategy, research, and scheduling. Then, you find out just how much work a podcast really is.

Before you know it — in a flash (usually between episodes 1-4) — you and your podcast are gone. Done. Out. It’s such a short run that it’s not even enough to be considered a show. It’s more like a test that you don’t pass.

Don’t be a podflash in the pan!

Do the work upfront and understand how much effort and discipline podcasting will demand from you. If you know all of that upfront and you still want to podcast, then you have a better chance of making it to episode 100.


“My first podcast was a podflash. I never launched the first episode.”


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